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Matt joined Graphic Design London in 2017. Here’s a big hello from him

I just want to wish everyone Happy New Year!

So, a bit about me, my name is Matt I’m 21, I was born in Kent and have been there all my life. I love to watch and play football when I can but most of all I love to go out with my friends on the weekends. In early September I joined GDL and I was fresh and ready to learn. I already can’t deal with the commuting! As someone who is mainly self taught I have always been enthusiastic to get myself out into the real working world and start a career. After a few months at GDL I’ve already been working on plenty of great projects like flyers, programmes, websites and even some italicising from time to time, which is everyones favourite thing to do in their down time(!) I’m looking forward to starting full time in 2017 and being able to really get my teeth into some new work. I really love being able to use my creative side when possible and have already been given the chance to do that. But being the new guy I didn’t expect to be working on the things I have been so quickly.

When I was at college I did a tonne of different work from Print to Website Design to Video Editing etc, but something I found myself to be pretty handy at was animation. We got the chance to do some 2D animation along with 3D. Our task for the 3D animation was to create an environment in which two characters could be placed and be animated. The location chosen was Wembley Stadium, why not. After the long process of creating the Stadium in 3DS Max we then had to move on to creating the actual animation and all of its editing etc. My animation would consist of a Pencil and Paper (yes, a pencil and a sheet of paper…) having a kick about in Wembley Stadium, one of my many dreams as kid growing up with football! Anyway It turned out great and I got great feedback which was brilliant, but never really thought that I would get the chance to work on any type of animation again.

After a few weeks at GDL I was given chance to work using the Revolution Slider in WordPress, and it turns out I really enjoyed it. I thought, “brilliant! what a great chance to bring back my animation skills and put them to use on a really cool project”. Since then Ive had the chance to really put my skills to use in some big projects like Potted Panto and most recently the Reduced Shakespeare Company’s website.

Another skill I’ve been given the chance to work on again at GDL was HTML5 digital ad design. Tim gave me the chance to work on with West End Shows before Christmas which included animation. The next step for me was to actually see how the ads themselves are uploaded and viewed. This was used in a platform called FlashTalking. It was great to see how everything worked in practice.

I look forward to working on more HTML 5 digital ads in the future and I look forward to working with you guys in 2017.

Can’t wait be dealing with the train delays and cancellations everyday!

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