January Favourites 2017

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The first 12th of 2017 is almost over and for us its been busy!

Our resolution here at GDL was to blog regularly. Its such a great way to share behind the scenes in our busy HQ.

So without further ado; some of our January Favourites 2017.

Colour Swatching and Palettes

Weve been working on a fair bit of branding this month and we forgot just how much fun and how relaxing it can be to create colour swatches. Its an underrated necessity that is not only super pleasing to have as a busy designer (colours sometimes just dont stay the same!) but is also a great way to bring a brand to life using tangible inspiration for colour.

Our tips for creating colour swatches:

  • Start with some images for inspiration.
    These could be anything, but some of our favourite colour inspiration sources are; City scapes at sun rise or set, cakes (yummy!), flora and fauna.
  • Pick the areas of these photos that speak to you the clearest, it might mean focusing on the image closer than you originally thought.
  • Use the colour picker to chose your colours from the source image.
    When you have these play with the placement of these in boxes. You might find that you have to use a different shade from the source image to compliment the rest of the colours.
  • Try to have in mind what you will end up using these colours for.
    Its great to have a bank of beautiful colours, but if you have no clear idea of how they might be implemented then your later steps in branding might become a little tricky!


Rimbo Free Font

We spend a huge chunk of our time looking at font faces, and weve certainly developed a few favourites (We know you shouldnt have favourites, but theyre just so well behaved!). One of our Illustrators new favourites is Rimbo which is a free font developed by Marcelo Reis Melo.


We dont often have a chance to use these more handwritten, chunky fonts, so its always nice to see what people are creating. Our illustrator has been trying to focus her mind on typography in her down time, so she knows when she spots a goodun !


We’ve been working a lot on some exciting projects this month, and one of our favourites that has just arrivedis the Vault Comedy Festival brochure.

Brochures are great fun to work on and this was no exception! This was a collaborative effort with the whole team which was a lovely start to 2017!

Bits ‘n’ Bobs

We’ve been a bit split down the middle in the office bout the cold weather, but we do all agree that the crisp winter sun makes for the most beautiful commute to work that we could ask for!

Our newest member, Matt, has been loving coop sausage rolls, and swears by them for breakfast in the colder weathered months.

Things we’re looking forward to

We’re really looking forward to the Critics’ Circle Theatre Awardsthis Monday! We created a beautiful new website for them and can’t wait to go and share in the Awarding fun!

One of our favourite (should be) national holidays is the Eurovision Song Contest, and it’s coming up to that time of the year! Tim, our Director is off to see Eurovision: You Decide this Friday! We really love Salena and Holly, who’s your favourite to represent us at the glitzy euros?!

What are your January favourites? Have you got any you think we should know about? Put them in the comments below

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