Graphic Design London May Favourites 2017

May Favourites and Catching Up

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Its just turned June and it already feels like its the middle of summer! So heres some hot favourites for the month of May straight from GDL HQ…

Weve been beavering away here at GDL and we can finally share some of the very exciting projects weve been working on.

Underbelly Festival Southbank

Weve been working closely with Underbelly to build the Underbelly Festival Southbank branding, and we couldnt be more thrilled with how it all turned out!

Underbelly Festival Southbank Logo by Graphic Design London

Underbellys new London-based festival is running until 30th September and features some of the finest acts in Circus, Comedy, Cabaret, Music, Spoken Word and Theatre.
We love it down there, go check it out!

Weve also been working on some artwork for a few of the acts at UBFS


One were very excited to have worked on is Elixir. Our team drew a lot of inspiration from Coyote Ugly and last years Closer (by Circa).

Elixir by Graphic Design London

4 Years With Camden Symphony Orchestra

This year also marks our fourth year of working with Camden Symphony Orchestra. One of Londons leading non-professional orchestras.
They hold fantastic concerts in some of the most beautiful venues for orchestral music in London.
Theirnext concert is on the 24th June in Holborn.r
Do check them out if you get the chance.

King Kong

Our web team here at GDL HQ has been working on a website for the new King Kong (A Comedy)

This show looks like its going to be incredible. Its created by the same people who made Potted Panto, so we know its going to be a hoot and a half!

Joint Ventures Brochure

Along with all of that very exciting work, we were also lucky enough to be able to work on the coveted cover for the Joint Ventures Brochure for Edinburgh Fringe.

Joint Ventures Brochure Fringe by Graphic Design London
Joint Ventures Brochure Fringe by Graphic Design London

Something We Have Been Loving

We’ve been really loving cinemagraphs recently and they’re quickly gaining momentum. They’re such a fun way to create movement and keep the eye caught while not detracting from the main message of the artwork.

Tutorial of The Month

Seeing as we’ve been loving cinemagraph’s so much this month, we thought we would share a great beginners’ guide to creating basic cinema-graphs in Photoshop. Enjoy!

Check back here next month for another monthly favourite and some more tips and tricks from Graphic Design London

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