Spring Favourites 2017

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We’ve got some Spring Favourites this month. We’ve been so busy that it’s really crept up on us!

In fact that’s our first Spring Favourite. We love being busy here at Graphic Design London, and this past month we’ve been working on some really exciting projects. They aren’t things we can share just yet, but they are coming soon. So watch this space!

Slider Revolution & After Effects

Our resident animation expert Matt has been loving the Slider Revolution plugin for animating sites. Its a plugin that he used a while ago. Hes revisited it since its had some updates and has been enjoying its ease of use.
Similarly, hes been using a lot of Adobe After Effects this month and has been enjoying honing some of his skills on specific projects.

Logos and Branding

Much of this month has been spent working on logos and branding. Our Illustrator has been really enjoying the challenge of creating many different concept designs for a multitude of clients at the same time this month. (She says the time restrictions and fast feedback keep her hair curly and her brain sharp).
She has been especially enjoying playing with more simple typography and getting back to basics with glyph interaction and bespoke font creation.

Speaking of font creation; our illustrator has also been raving about a new plugin shes been playing with called Fontself. Its a plugin that allows designers to easily create whole font systems directly from illustrator and photoshop, including some brilliant bitmap features in photoshop.

Heres a sneak peak of what shes been playing around with:

In The Garden Spring Favourites


Tim has recently kicked his use of jQuery up a gear. jQuery is great as it allows us to use less plugins with fewer lines of code, making our websites leaner and faster.

Favourite Font

Our Spring pick for favourite font is New Dawn by Cahya Sofyan.

New Dawn is a beautiful sans-serif constructed by the blending and manipulating of geometric shaped. It’s a font that has a personality of it’s own, and brings an instant injection of movement to any design.


New Dawn Spring Favourites

Summer Design Tips

Summer is fast approaching so we have some design tips and predictions for you.

This summer is tipped to be all about bright and bold gradients. Melting from one colour sensation to the next. This album cover is a great example of the kind of thing we expect to be all over design in the coming months.

Gradient Summer Spring Favourites

Bright colours are always a summer feature, and with a combination like this we can’t imagine you’d go wrong. The bright teal and warm orange really pop against each other.

Spring Favourites Summer Colour Palette

Tutorial of the Month

Seeing as this month’s favourites are geared towards looking forward to summer, our tutorial of the month also embodies the feel of summer and festival vibes.

How To Create an Editable Retro Text Style in Illustrator

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