Animation and video editing

Film and theatre trailers Paid social animations (all formats) Video editing Subtitles and captions Rotoscoping and green screen Kinetic text 3D text animation Programmatic Advertising (HTML5) Cartoons


Film and theatre trailers

Whatever the style, we've got you covered. We create animated trailers for West End shows, impactful high-energy short films and bring your footage to life with a tool box of sound effects, music and video effects.

Video Editing

We have an eye for the best shot, the clip with the most impact. We’ll use our extensive experience in animation if it suits the project.

On-screen graphics, transitions, subtitles, lyric videos. We offer it all.

Subtitles and captions

We offer captioning and subtitling in English, French and Portuguese.

We can burn the captions into your video for you, or supply you with a CRT file that you can use a long side your existing video to offer subtitles.

Rotoscoping and green screen

We're experts in animation effects like rotoscoping - where we trace over live-action motion picture footage frame by frame. We can also take your green screen footage and bring it to life with realistic environments and effects.

Kinetic text

Static text is boring! We'll bring another dimension to your content with kinetic text animations - where the text enters, interacts and exits in a dynamic way.

3D text animation

Whether an ident for your film, an identity for your social platforms or an alpha background title to drop into your own project, 3D text animation can add a new dimension to a project.

Programmatic advertising (HTML5)

We’ve been pioneers in HTML5 animation since the very beginning.

We know what works, and how to get the very best out of every format in a programmatic campaign.

We design our artwork with a digital advertising future. So there’s continuity in the campaign, and greater results.


Everyone loves cartoons! We've created animated Christmas cards, safety videos, how-to films and instructional movies, bringing content to life in a fun and engaging way.

We create treatments and storyboards so there's plenty of opportunity to feedback throughout the project.

People we work with

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Tandem Marketing
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